Annual external audit by FSC® and PEFC Chain of custody

3 day visit by our external auditor is “over”!
“Over” ….well, it was not a great effort for us. We have since longtime had a well-functioning traceability system for ALL products – not only the certified and therefore this is part of everyday life for us.
We received three comments (CAR) that we have to address and close but our certificates are valid for another year.

We have expanded our certificate of FSC-COC to now also cover our warehouse in Lönneröd, and the new production lines in Sopron.
In addition, we have expanded our product list to include more species / products and also handle FSC Mix.
You will be able to see this in the near future on the FSC® database www.fsc-info.org, search for AB Skanditrä SCS COC 000490

Buy more certified wood! – We have the opportunities.

Andreas Olofsson
Sourcing & certification